Our Story

Our story starts with the name

Om ArtWork,

Om ArtWork is perceived by the public as an art studio. But our identity was more than just an art studio; our activity allowed us the chance to engage in numerous disciplines for society. Our goal is to spread the love of Sanatan Hindu Dharma across the world.
Our Slogan is 'संस्कारो हि गुणान्तराधानमुच्यते' means Sanskar is the process of eradicating negative traits and replacing them with positive, Only by fostering Vedic Sanskar in mankind does Dharma evolve.

Why Sanskar?

Etymology of the word संस्कार/Sanskar - With the prefix ‘सम्’ in the root 'कृ', the word "संस्कार" is formed by suffixing 'घञ्'. According to Panini's formula “सम्पर्युपेभ्यः करोतौ भूषणे”, " The one who beautifies the body is called Sanskar."

Sanskars provide a significant contribution to the advancement of the gross and subtle bodies and souls of humans. Sanskar is one of the institutional foundations that Hindu civilization has established to bring order to personal and social life. Sanskars have always been unique in Hindu social organisation.

“संस्करणं गुणान्तराधानम् संस्कारः” The transfusion of qualities is called Sanskar.

Why ReSanskar?

We then decided to create an umbrella within which only material related to Vedic Dharma would be easily accessible to a Dharmic/religious person. This served two purposes simultaneously: first, many people increased awareness and love for Sanatan Dharma through Sanskrit posters and beautiful creative dharmik products, and second, Dharma lovers gained a platform where they can get rare Dharmic, Organic & Sattvic products under one roof.

We provide over 1000+ classy branded products, including stylish clothing, home decor, wall hangings, mugs with trendy printed designs, life-changing books, organic groceries, ayurvedic medicines.

Everything we do is of the highest calibre. Quality is no longer defined solely by price or distribution channel. Today, quality is being authentic, different, one-of-a-kind, useful, and beautiful. And we adhere to these ideals.

We choose to serve the educated, interested, and intelligent, who value our commitment to this very authentic concept of quality. Our exquisite works can take you back to your roots, honour renowned inventors, and allow you to enjoy magnificent art. They can include attitude, intellect, art, luxury, and comfort into the lives of people of all ages.

Often, it’s anything different or anything that’s done differently.

Often when people have done the right thing, without caring about what society thinks, we have been called ReSanskar. We are the people who have changed the world and made it a better place.

Making an impact through innovation, honesty, and thoughtfulness

For us, ReSanskar is the spirit of looking at things differently.

Trying Dharmic things even when success is not guaranteed.

Not stepping on others to get ahead.

Thinking about the benefit of others just as you’d think about your own.

This was the spirit on which ReSanskar was founded in 2018.

With the belief that a business cannot be about financial gain alone.

Behind ReSanskar

Tanu Harit Aryaa | आर्या वेदप्रिया

Tanu Harit Aarya (आर्या वेदप्रिया)

The Creative Brain, Founder, ReSanskar

Tanu, a Professional Artist from India's top art college and a young girl working at a renowned company as Creative Art Director, She is very caliber in sales & customer relationship management, feels that her profession must contribute to the world's positive and long-term progress. With extensive expertise in fields such as Art Education, Art Production, and Conceptual Art in India and abroad, she has established a strong appreciation for art in both India and Western nations.

Tanu is our backbone for customer experience and branding. Tanu is on a mission to make sure that all Indian epics reach every Indian family. She actively seeks to educate future Indian citizens about genuine Indian history, Indian heroes and leaders, and Indian values.

Bhupendra Harit | भूपेन्द्र हरित

Bhupendra Harit

Bhupendra Harit, The Business Brain, Founder, ReSanskar

Bhupendra is an ordinary person from Delhi, In terms of academic credentials, he holds a bachelor's degree in Arts and Humanities from the University of Delhi, as well as certified in Computer Application from the prestigious institute, NIIHT, Delhi Institute of Computer and Technology and certified in Mechanical Engineering from the Institute of Industrial Training.

Bhupendra works as an Information Technology Director for a renowned real estate firm. He has over a decade of expertise in Information Technology, Production, and Product Lifecycle Management employing lean technology and sustainable practices. Bhupendra's love for Indian ideals, epics, history and arts inspired the creation of ReSanskar. Bhupendra Harit designs and develops the majority of ReSanskar's goods. Bhupendra Harit, a patriotic self-taught artist, adores machines, robotics, and sophisticated technology.

His objective is to help Indians adapt to the Sattvic way of life despite being exposed to diverse cultures and settings. Bhupendra's mission is to provide global exposure to Indian goods and heritage that portray authentic Indian history, dharma, art, and culture.

Keshav Harit | केशव हरित

Keshav Harit

The Management Brain, Founder, ReSanskar

Keshav is the youngest among us. He is multitalented, capable of managing people, and able to complete tasks on time from staff. He is a giant pillar and bridge between business and government institutions who collaborate with us. He is skilled at handling e-commerce-related jobs, stock management, production, logistic operations, and other duties.

Team Behind Us

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What makes us ReSanskar

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Imagined in India, Made in India.

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