ReSanskar, Divine Expressions Durga Maa Sculpture



Divine Expressions Durga Maa Sculpture Exquisite Wall Hanging Idol. Unique Design: This sculpture features a fusion of traditional and modern design, making it an ideal centerpiece for home decor and spiritual practice.

Material: Brass
Type: Showpieces
Product Length: 6 Inch
Product Height: 6 Inch
Net Quantity (N): 1

This unique sculpture combines traditional and modern design elements, making it suitable for both spiritual practice and as a decorative piece. Whether you want to enhance your home’s ambiance, this sculpture is the ideal choice.Made with premium materials, it can withstand both indoor and outdoor conditions, offering elegance and serenity to your surroundings. Easy to hang and maintain, it adds a touch of spirituality and artistry to your life.This Divine Expressions creation is designed to solve your home decor and spiritual needs, making it a perfect addition to your space. Embrace the divinity with this exquisite sculpture. Durga Maa, Kali Maa, Sculpture, Wall Hanging, Pooja Mandir, Home Decor, Spiritual Art, Resin Sculpture, Unique Design, Elegant Decor, Indoor and Outdoor, Serenity, Artistic Development, Showpiece, Traditional and Modern Design, Exquisite Artistry.

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